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Summer CEU Event (Innovation Shark Tank)

  • TOVAR 9363 King St. Franklin Park, IL 60131 (map)
  • Place: Tovar, at 9363 King St. Franklin Park, IL 60131

  • Food and drinks to be served

  • Program to be two hours broken down to: 

    • 30 mins of networking

    • 60 mins of education

    • 30 mins of networking

  • FREE to members with code; $45 for non-members

Summer Event: Innovation Shark Tank

Topic - A presentation of innovative construction techniques and technologies that reduce initial costs, reduce operational costs, and extend operational life. This session will include 4 major topics with a deep dive continuing education presentation on the use of 24 volt direct current power in the industry. Benefits include lower costs, energy savings, operational simplicity and better reliability. Focus will be on the impact in the healthcare industry.



Presenter/Moderator - Bruce Graham: Bruce Graham is the COO of Himes Associates, and past Vice Chair of the Emerge Alliance. With more than 35 years in the construction industry, including past President of Design and Construction Services at Johnson Controls, Bruce has been an industry leader in the use of innovative technologies and techniques within the occupied space for clients in HealthCare, Corporate, Financial, Education, and Industrial sectors.

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Presenter/Expert - Paul Savage: Paul Savage is the CEO of Nextek Power Systems, and the Chairman of the Emerge Alliance. His 20 years of experience in the power technology field has been marked by influential academic papers as well as dirty-boot installations all around the world. He’s been awarded multiple patents for his innovations in low-voltage dc power systems, as well as industry awards for advancing cyber security and end-to-end efficiency of power systems.


CEU Subtitle: 24 V DC Nano Grid applications for Healthcare Facilities. CEU

·        Initial Cost Savings

·        Flexible Reconfiguration and Maintenance

·        Safety

·        Energy Savings (energy use and embedded)

Series Description: A series of interactive presentation sessions that cover innovative concepts/techniques that provide efficiencies and savings for the construction, and ongoing maintenance, of all types of healthcare facilities.